I have loved any animal always, since I was a child!
Especially thanks to my father and for this reason I have had at home: dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, …

But my story with Siberian Huskies was born around 1992, when walking around the bookstores of Naples, with my father, I was struck by the poster of a book, on which there was a photo of a wonderful dog very similar to the wolf …the SIBERIAN HUSKY!
From that day, having one became my daily thought, but as an inexperienced and neophyte of the breed, I also stumbled in a “scam puppy” who died cause of parvovirus. After this bad experience I decided to improve my knowledge about the breed, buying books, contacting breeders and visiting kennels.
Until in 1994 my first champion and my first siberian husky, Beauty Balalaika, arrived at the age of 15 months.
So the step for the first dog shows and litters was short enough, and I was an amateur breeder from 1998 till 2003.
After this period I stopped with breeding due peronal reasons and cause the loss of my last siberians.
In 2006, surfing thru hundreds of sites, I landed in the kennel of my friend Dora Nagy, from which I took a new Siberian to start breeding again: my sweet “Neena” (Ch.JCh. Shine Like A Star Of Nordica) and then the following year, comes from the Wolf Point kennel by my dear friend Gusti Ionescu “Kici” (JCh. Gift Of Life Of Wolf Point) … and with these two females that my adventure as a breeder started again.
I decided to start to breed again, choosing a name that sounds good and that was full of meaning; so thanks once again to my father, I choose “Kalayaan” which in Philippine means “freedom” .
Today all my energies are aimed in realizing what has always been my great goal: to breed siberian huskies, responding to the standard, free from hereditary diseases, with beautiful type and great movement, able to be not only beautiful dogs but good workers also.

Since 2009 till 2014, I was councilor of SESHI (Siberian Husky Breed Section, headed by CIRN – Italian Club For Nordic Breeds) and I also dealt with the management of the official newspaper of the club named “CIRN News”.

On June 16, 2010, after years of sacrifices, the long-awaited recognition from ENCI and FCI finally made the Kalayaan kennel official !!!!

Since 2015, I added some American Akitas to my kennel, coming from very important kennels in Europe.

On my web site you will find some of the most representative subjects of my kennel and all the news about them. Enjoy it!

Rosa Galluccio